Basics of Search Engine Ranking

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Basics of Search Engine Ranking (Intro)
Step 1:  Determine Your Targeted Keywords
Your Listing (Intro)
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Your Website (Intro)
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Your Business Local Search Page (Intro)
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Your Facebook Page (Intro)
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What causes your Website, your business local listings (Google Maps etc.) and Facebook page get found in the search engines?

In this introduction we’ll demystify what it takes to rank at the top in your business. In later tutorials we will give you specific, detailed information on how to tweak each of those Web platforms and applications to rank higher in the search engine results for your targeted keywords.

  • Your listing page and your Website– if you have one– share certain factors that the search engines use to rank them in their search results.
  • Your business local search listing (Google Maps, Yelp, etc.) and your Facebook page have several separate identifiable factors that cause them to rank higher in the search engines. We will talk about those too.

We’ll show you why it’s absolutely drop-dead critical to take charge of and develop your business local search listings. We’ll give specific details in later tutorials on just how to tweak both your business listings and your Facebook page to rise to the top.

The common factor to all your Web platforms and applications– your listing page, Website, business local search listing and your Facebook page– is keywords. We will have a separate section on how to determine your targeted keywords and how to use them in each of your Web platforms and applications to make them rank well.

If you’re serious about driving new customers to your door, just follow the how-to’s in this section and you will boost your Web presence. It’s not that hard. If you have basic computer skills and are a Featured Listing Package owner, you’re on your way!


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A Well-Rounded Web Presence
We recommend you have at a minimum the Web platforms and applications listed below for a solid online marketing presence. If you apply the simple principles we give you, you’ll get a good search engine visibility and well-rounded Internet marketing capabilities. We will show you how to optimize or tweak each of them so that you can meet and beat your competitors. I can promise that if you put this information to work it will bring you new customers and make more sales!

Minimum Recommended Web Platforms and Applications

  • Your Listing
  • A Mobile-friendly Website (We strongly recommend mobile-friendly WordPress)
  • Business Local Search listings (Google Maps, Bing Places for Business, Yelp)
  • A Facebook page.

There are other excellent ways to boost your Web presence– and get more customers– such as YouTube videos, blogging on your WordPress Website, and commenting on popular forums and blogs related to your industry specialty. We’ll talk later about those, too.

Each of those four Web platforms and applications above needs to be tweaked differently for top search engine rankings. Your listing page and your Website (if you have one) share certain factors that you will “optimize” differently than your business local listing and your Facebook page. Business local search and Facebook have separate ranking factors and we’ll cover all those in later sections.

(Note: I’m going to talk as if you have a Website so I don’t keep having to say, “if you have one.” I strongly recommend you own one. But experience has made me biased: it should be a mobile-friendly WordPress site, because of the huge marketing and selling advantages it offers– plus you can make your own changes and updates whenever you want. You can also connect your WordPress Website content with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other platforms. Contact us to learn more about WordPress. We can build one for you, customized specially for your business.)

Your Listing Page
You’ll learn how to optimize your listing’s title and tweak the textual content of your listing. We’ll show you how to add targeted keywords so that when people search using those keywords your page can get found. We’ve demonstrated over and over that the individual listing pages on can rank very highly in the search engines– even ahead of the owner’s Website in some cases.

Your Website
We’ll show you how to get good search engine rankings by using the same principles of optimizing the title and on-page content with your targeted keywords. Your Website can be an excellent marketing tool. Create blog articles to keep customers coming back to your site and set up newsletters. If you want, you can sell items online with real-time credit card acceptance. We’ll also show you how to attract links to your site and coordinate your Website with Facebook and Youtube.

Your Business Local Listing
You must claim and develop your business local listing (Google Maps, Bing Places for Business, Yelp) to be competitive. These listings are a critical basic tool in your Internet presence. Most business searches are local in nature and we’ll show you how to claim and optimize your listing so that it can rise to the top of the search results.

Your Facebook Page
Your Facebook page can be optimized to help it get found. We’ll show you where and how to tweak your page.

Google Adwords
I know, I know. You’re right. It’s an extra expense. But here’s the truth: sometimes Google Adwords can be a perfect solution for you. I always tell my clients Adwords is perfect for advertising items that are seasonal, or perhaps a large cost item you want to sell quickly. Or, if you don’t yet rank well in the search engines for certain important keywords, Adwords can put your business right up at the top of the page. For those not familiar with “pay per click” advertising, basically you create an ad then bid on your targeted keywords.  Only when a user clicks on your ad and gets directed to you Website do you get charged.  I’ve managed a ton of Adwords campaigns for clients over the years and lately Adwords has become so complex that it’s frustrating to use.  Now it’s almost a career in itself.  But Google has a simple, easy to use version, Adwords Express, that’s perfect for small businesses.  Adwords is perfect for seasonal ads, when you have a certain item you need to sell quickly, or when you don’t rank well yet for certain important keywords.  We can help you set up Adwords for your business.

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Step 1: Determine Your Targeted Keywords