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How does it work? brings motivated buyers to you– worldwide– because we have the largest list of used boat parts, equipment and supply vendors on the Web. When buyers come to seeking a hard to find item, they can search our listings by item category or by Country and State– or they can complete a simple form that sends out an e-mail inquiry to multiple vendors at one time.

Any sale or business arrangements are strictly between you and your customer. We only connect you with buyers.

Only Featured Listings get the inquiry e-mails via the “Send Freddy On a Mission” widget.
And Featured Listings get special exposure on our site.  They appear in the main page rotating “carousel” and at the top of search results pages when somebody manually searches our directory.  To inquire at multiple vendors with only one email, buyers will fill out our form, describe the item they are seeking, then choose a Country and State or Province to send emails to. Or they will choose the worldwide coverage option. But only Featured Listings receive the inquiry e-mails. Here are the various Listing Packages:

  • Standard Free Listing. Visitors can search in categories and by Country/State, but this Listing Package has fewer privileges.
  • Free 90-day Featured Listing. All the privileges of a Featured Listing.
  • Featured Listing. A paid, renewable 1-year subscription for a very reasonable price of $29.00.

If you currently have a Free Listing or a Free 90-day Featured Listing, you can upgrade at any time.
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I would like to make changes on my courtesy listing.  How do I do that?

You may have a courtesy listing we created for you, and you would like to add more information and photos.  Or you just want to make some simple changes.  You will need to “claim” your courtesy listing.  

But understand that the “Standard Free Listing” package has fewer privileges.

  • You don’t get all those inquiry e-mails from motivated buyers via the “Send Freddy on a Mission” widget.
  • There is no “Contact Vendor” button on your page that makes it easy to shoot you an email asking about a certain item or part.
  • And you don’t get the Google Map that will guide customers to your front door.

So please consider upgrading to a Featured Listing to get more customers, or try the free 90-day Featured Listing!

Click here for step-by-step instructions
  • You will need to claim your courtesy listing. Here’s how:
  • Register an account if you don’t already have one.  Click here to Register.
  • Then e-mail us and let us know your new username and the title of your courtesy listing that you saw live on the Web.
  • We will transfer ownership of the listing over to you and let you know when it’s ready for you.
  • Now simply log into your account and you will see your listing under “My Listings.” (See the red arrow in the Member’s Account Dashboard, below.  This is the Dashboard of a brand new user named “Example Listing.”)  Now you can improve your information! Be thorough and imaginative. Enter all the info you can, because your listing page will become an important worldwide marketing tool for you.
  • If you don’t already have the Featured Listing you may upgrade at any time thereafter.


New Dashboard -

We make a diligent effort to provide accurate information in your listing. Details were gathered from websites and local business listings on the Web. We are not responsible for typographical errors. Please contact us if your details are wrong or if you need to make a change.

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I do not have a listing yet. I would like to create one. What do I need to do?

Click on “Submit Your Business” in the overhead menu.  Choose a Listing Package, and then create your listing. Now you will be able to add text and upload photos.

Click here for step-by-step instructions
  1. Click on “Submit Your Business” in the overhead menu.
  2. Select a Package.
  3. When you complete the “Add Listing” form with your Username, password and email address, an account will be automatically created for you using that information. Create a solid password– one containing uppercase, lowercase, at least one numeral and at least one symbol. Write down your username and password for safekeeping!
  4. Complete the form.  Please, be sure to click on the “Help and suggestions” link offered on that page for adding your Listing. For example, the words in your title and description are extremely important for getting traffic to your Listing Page!  We reserve the right to edit a listing to help it conform to our standards.
  5. After you submit your form you will automatically jump to your new Account’s “Dashboard” page.
  6. If you chose the paid Featured Listing Package, you can pay securely through an encrypted PayPal page. (Your payment will be made to Barefoot Logic, LLC—the North Carolina owner of )
  7. You may return whenever you like to make changes or updates to your Listing.
  8. Again, take a couple of extra minutes:  be sure to read the hints and information on creating your Listing.


Create a listing Listing Packages

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I received an e-mail saying you created a free listing for my business. What does this mean?

We created a listing that shows your basic business details and contact information, and possibly a “screenshot” of your Website’s main page. You will want to claim your listing and improve it with more information, because this site gets traffic from motivated buyers. Please understand that only Featured Listings get the inquiry e-mails via the “Send Freddy On a Mission” widget. We will transfer ownership of the listing over to you. You can upload more photos and tell site visitors more about your inventory, shipping policy etc. You are getting worldwide exposure– so you will want to make the most of your listing.

Click here for step-by-step instructions
    • Register an account.  Click here or click on “Register” in the overhead menu.  When you hit the Submit button you will be automatically to your Dashboard.  Of course, there’s no Listing in there under your account, since we haven’t transferred it over to you yet.
    • E-mail us and let us know your username and the title of your listing you saw on
    • We will transfer ownership over to you ASAP.
    • Log into your account, where you will now see your listing under “My Directory Listings.”  Now you can edit and improve your information!
    • You may want to upgrade to a Featured Listing so that you can receive e-mail inquiries from buyers seeking hard to find items.  You can do that from your account.

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I would like a listing, but I don’t have the time. Can you create a listing for me?

Yes, we can do that. Don’t let busy days, or being uncomfortable with computers, keep you from making more sales. Just collect all your business details, information and photos and be prepared to e-mail them to us. In many cases we can simply copy existing photos from your business Website. Or just call us to discuss how we can help you. We will create your listing for free.  If you want a paid listing we will set up your account in your name, send you the login instructions and you can make the secure payment yourself, from your account, through PayPal.  E-mail us and tell us about your plans!

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Every e-mail originating from the “Contact Vendor” button on your listing will go to your private email address– but only if you have claimed your listing.  (Remember, Standard Free Listings do not get the “Contact Vendor” button on their Listing Page.)  For details on how to claim a listing, see “I would like to make changes on my current listing. How do I do that?” above.

Email inquiries sent from the “Send Freddy on a Mission” widget will come direct to your regular email box.
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